Monday, August 17, 2009

Everything Sucks by Hannah Friedman

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When everything sucks,
change everything . . .

And that's exactly what Hannah Friedman set out to do in an ambitious attempt to bust out of a life of obscurity and absurdity and into an alternate world of glamour, wealth, and popularity.

Being dubbed 'That Monkey Girl' by middle school bullies and being pulled out of sixth grade to live on a tour bus with her agoraphobic mother, her smelly little brother, and her father's hippie band mates convinces Hannah that she is destined for a life of freakdom.

But when she enters one of the country's most prestigious boarding schools on scholarship, Hannah transforms herself into everything she is not: cool. By senior year, she has a perfect millionaire boyfriend, a perfect GPA, a perfect designer wardrobe, and is part of the most popular clique in school, but somehow everything begins to suck far worse than when she first started. Her newfound costly drug habit, eating disorder, identity crisis, and Queen-Bee attitude lead to the unraveling of Hannah's very unusual life.

Putting her life back together will take more than a few clicks of her heels, or the perfect fit of a glass slipper, in this not-so-fairy tale of going from rock bottom to head of the class and back again.

Hannah's memoir is fantastic!!! It's a quick read full of her own special brand of acerbic wit. I think everyone could find something to relate to in this book. For me, it was Hannah's fear of sleepovers. When I was young, I also suffered from slumber party anxiety. I don't know why, but I was always so nervous about spending the night at a friends house. As soon as everyone around me fell asleep, I had to fight the urge to call my mom and beg her to pick me up.

There are many things in this book that you will find yourself nodding your head to in that "been there" way. Nothing is off limits and at times I found myself gasping in shock, while simultaneously laughing out loud or fighting back tears.

I'm not usually a big non-fiction fan, but I really loved this book. It's a wonderful look inside the mind of a teenager who, although her life may be different than mine, many of her experiences are the same. It was refreshing to read such an honest and open memoir from such a talented writer.

Below you can see a glimpse into Everything Sucks from Hannah herself. And come back tomorrow when Hannah stops by Carrie's YA Bookshelf on her TLC Tour.


  1. Great review! I'm actually reading this book rite now =]

  2. I just read another review on this book the other day and it made me want to read Everything Sucks. Now yours make me want it even more.

  3. Hi Carrie,

    Great review! I have a sleepover-phobic 10 year old.

    Thanks so much for all the time that went into reading and reviewing Everything Sucks for TLC. It is very much appreciated!

  4. I'm not normally a non-fiction fan either, but the reviews of this book sound great! I think living with a monkey in the house is just hilarious. Thanks for a very thoughtful review, Carrie!