Sunday, December 20, 2009

Contest Winner!!

The winner of my latest contest is


Congrats to Brooke and thanks to all who entered. I'll be announcing a new contest in the next day or so. Any suggestions for what you'd like me to give away? Preferably something I've already reviewed. I'm open to suggestions, as long as I have or can get a copy to give away.


  1. I'm not sure if you have read it or not, but Jessica's Guide To Dating On the Dark Side is a FUNNY book! It's by Beth Fantaskey. You're readers should LOVE it! (I'd loved it and I'm a 17 year old book fanatic who graduated from YA books abotu 2 years ago. The book is a YA [and completly clean, so no worries!] but it was funny and adorable enough to hold my attention. Which is hard for a YA book to do anymore!) Anyways, check the book out (it's only in hardcover right now) you will NOT regret it!!!!!