Sunday, June 7, 2009

Supernatural Summer Tour--Naperville, IL, June 2, 2009

So, I'm finally going to post a few pictures I took from my trip to Naperville for the book signing. It was a ton of fun. All of the authors were super gracious and really wonderful to meet.

Here's a shot of all three authors....well, there's a camera in front of Melissa Marr, but other than that. we can see all three of them. Kim Harrison, Melissa Marr, and Kelley Armstrong. They spoke first and answered a lot of questions. I think they all got about and equal number of questions, which was cool. There were quite a few people there, I would say at least 150 if not more. The line moved really quickly though, and they personalized all of my books, and I got some cool swag. I picked up a bracelet from Melissa, a bookmark from Kelley, and from Kim, some Once Dead, Twice Shy shoelaces, tomato seeds (the Hollows books), and a bus token to the Hollows.
I'm sooo glad that I went; it was a once in a lifetime thing to meet three of my faves.

The next day, the 3rd, was my birthday, so my sister and I headed into Chicago and went to the Field Museum and Shedd Aquarium. So, above is a random picture of some jellyfish, which I thought was sort of cool. We also saw some penguins and I love me some penguins, so I was excited.

Then we went back to Anderson's bookstore for the Julianne Moore signing. She was signing copies of her picture books which are very cute. My sister teaches 3rd grade and she collects picture books, so she was pumped. Here's a pic of Julianne.

She read one of her books and answered questions from the kids. She was great. I'm so glad we went back for her signing.

Anyway, that's it from my mini-vaca. It was quick but awesome and now I have a ton of signed books. I wish more authors came to Kansas City. I did get to meet Stephenie Meyer last year, though, when the Host came out, so that's pretty huge. We need more author visits, though, KC loves authors too.

I'll be announcing my new contest sometime tomorrow, so come back and check it out!!


  1. LOL! That little boy in the bottom pic looks like he really wants freckleface strawberry! :-D I notice odd things...It would be so surreal to meet stephanie meyer(though i'm not a fan of her books) b/c she's practically famous-well, among teenage girls.
    That jellyfish is so pretty..
    My town sucks for author signings. Glad you had a good time though..*sigh*

  2. I went The Host signing last year in KC too! I wish more authors came to KC too since I'm only a few hours away and my parents are in the area. No one ever comes to Springfield, so it's my only chance to really go see anyone. If you ever hear of anything awesome coming through KC, let me know-we could meet up!:)

  3. GreenBean,

    That Host signing was crazy. I saw some parents almost get in a fight with some teens over a row of seats. Intense!! It was fun though. Definitely once in a lifetime. I will keep my ears open for signings in KC. It would be great to meet up. Maybe we'll get lucky. I'm hoping there will be a signing for The Hate List somewhere in the area since Jennifer Brown lives around here. Fingers crossed!!


  4. I'm so jealous of you guys. The signings must be super fun. I'm glad you had a great birthday Carrie, the pictures of the museums are so cool!

  5. It looks like you had a great time! Can't believe you met Melissa Marr... now that is cool :D

  6. I am just so jealous. To meet all three of them is fantastic. I love all their books.

  7. I'm so glad you had a good time!

  8. You should check out Reading Reptile in Brookside. They do a lot of kids/young adult author events and also a kids literature festival every year where a bunch of different authors come. Get on the mailing list for their newsletter!

  9. It sounds like you had a great time. I hope you enjoyed it :D

  10. That all looks spectacular ( especially those jellyfish).

    Looks like you had a ton of fun getting to hang out with some amazing authors.

  11. What a fun trip and great photos! So glad to hear you had a good time for your birthday. It must have been so awesome to meet all of those authors.