Friday, June 19, 2009

My current obsession!!

I'm actually old enough to remember the original Degrassi Jr. High from way back in those day-glo filled eighties. Granted I was a little younger than those Jr. High kids, but I still loved it.

I've seen a few episodes of Degrassi: The Next Generation through the years, but I never paid much attention. Well....I was home the other day and apparently The N has been running marathons in preparation for the new season in July. So, basically, I'm hooked. I've watched like two whole seasons already and my DVR is filled with episodes.

What is so appealing about these crazy Canadian teens?! I have no idea. Maybe it's the fact that they address serious issues, which American teen shows might shy away from, with honesty and grace. Or maybe it's just that I like hearing them say things like oot or aboot (love those accents).

No matter the reasoning behind it, I am currently lost in all the drama of Paige, Emma, Manny, Marco, et al. It's a guilty pleasure, what can I say?!


  1. I'm a fan of Degrassi Jr High and Degrassi: Next Generation. There lives are intricate and amusing.


  2. I used to eat, breath, live Degrassi: Next Generation. Then I kinda stopped. I don't know, I got tired of all the drama. Like it just went over the top, you know?

  3. You are such a sad little person!

  4. I love Degrassi Next Generation. It goes there! LOL. But seriously, never have I seen a teen show tackle so many controversial issues. Pregnancy, stabbing, drugs, eating disorders- every week it's something new. I would not send my kids to that school.

  5. Never saw the original, but I really do love the next generation. I need to get all the seasons or something, b/c it's like i've seen so many past episodes, i know most of their stories but not all and it would be nice to go in order at some point.


  6. There's a new season in July?! Suh-weet! So pumped! I love Degrassi: TNG; in fact, I've been re-watching episodes of the latest 2 seasons just to get my fix. Lemme know when you find out about Peter. And KC. Mmm, so cute!

    I actually live in Canada, and most of us over here say "about". Heard someone say "aboot" the other day; I laughed at them. How do you say "bag"?

  7. deltay,

    I say "bag" with I'm sure a bit of a nasal twang like "baaag." Don't know how else to describe it. I always feel like in Missouri we have a lack of an accent, but most Norterners and Easterners would probably say we sound southern. I don't know we have a weird accent. Accents are just weird in general, and they vary so much just from town to town. I think that's why I like books that use dialects so much.


  8. Ugh, oot and aboot is so stereotypical... hardly anyone talks like that.

    You should try Instant Star, I loved that show. :)

  9. I seen this show for the first time last week. LOVED IT!