Saturday, June 6, 2009

In My Mailbox (16) AKA the week I broke the bank!!

As always, In My Mailbox is brought to you by the awesomely awesome Kristi, AKA The Story Siren.

I got three, well technically four books in the mail this week. They are good ones, too. Plus I picked up a certain very special ARC at work, which I am currently devouring.

First up, the oh so special.....

Catching Fire by Suzanne Collins!!!!!! YAY!!

Release Date: September 1, 2009 from Scholastic


Against all odds, Katniss Everdeen has won the annual Hunger Games with fellow district tribute Peeta Mellark. But it was a victory won by defiance of the Capitol and their harsh rules. Katniss and Peeta should be happy. After all, they have just won for themselves and their families a life of safety and plenty. But there are rumors of rebellion among the subjects, and Katniss and Peeta, to their horror, are the faces of that rebellion. The Capitol is angry. The Capitol wants revenge.

I know I don't have to tell you guys why I'm so excited for this one. I was amazed when it showed up at work and one of my co-workers is anxiously awaiting its return, so I have to finish it soon.

Never Slow Dance With A Zombie by E. Van Lowe

Release Date: September 1, 2009 from Tor Teen (apparently September 1st is going to be a big book day)


Romy and Michelle's High School Reunion meets Night of the Living Dead in this laugh-out-loud debut YA novel by Emmy Award-nominated TV writer E. Van Lowe

Principal Taft's 3 Simple Rules for Surviving a Zombie Uprising:

Rule #1: While in the halls, walk slowly and wear a vacant expression on your face. Zombies won't attack other zombies.

Rule #2: Never travel alone. Move in packs. Follow the crowd. Zombies detest blatant displays of individuality.

Rule #3: If a zombie should attack, do not run. Instead, throw raw steak at to him. Zombies love raw meat. This display of kindness will go a long way.

On the night of her middle school graduation, Margot Jean Johnson wrote a high school manifesto detailing her goals for what she was sure would be a most excellent high school career. She and her best friend, Sybil, would be popular and, most important, have boyfriends. Three years later, they haven't accomplished a thing!

Then Margot and Sybil arrive at school one day to find that most of the student body has been turned into flesh-eating zombies. When kooky Principal Taft asks the girls to coexist with the zombies until the end of the semester, they realize that this is the perfect opportunity to live out their high school dreams. All they have to do is stay alive....

Thanks to E. for sending this out to me and for autographing it. I'm really looking forward to reading it. It looks fantastic and any book which can be described with both Romy and Michelle and Night of the Living Dead is perfect for me.

Gifted: Out of Sight, Out of Mind and Better Late Than Never by Marilyn Kaye

Release Date: June 9, 2009 from Kingfisher


Queen of Mean Amanda Beeson, 13, gets the shock of her life when she wakes up one morning to find herself in the body of one of her victims, Tracey Devon. Amanda discovers that Tracey, ignored at home and school, has the ability to become invisible. When Amanda finds herself in a special class that Tracey usually attends, it becomes clear that at Meadowbrook Middle School the definition of “gifted” has a whole other meaning. Can Amanda rescue her one-time target from obscurity and get her own life back on track? In order to do so, she will have to reveal her own startling gift and take her rightful place among Meadowbrook’s very secret clique.

These two books came in one volume. They look great and I can't wait to read them.

Atherton: The Dark Planet by Patrick Carman

Release Date: Currently Available from Little, Brown


In the dazzling conclusion to the epic story of Atherton, Patrick Carman takes readers on the most rewarding journey of all, to the perilous realm of The Dark Planet: Earth.

When Edgar discovers a way to leave the mysterious satellite world of Atherton, he couldn't have imagined the gloom that awaited him on the dark planet, where the oceans are toxic, the forests are full of mutant monsters, and children toil in darkness, controlled by ruthless maniacs. Max Harding, an orphan of the Silo, the maker of Atherton, and the last hope of a dying world, left this place behind, and now Edgar is determined to complete the mad scientist's spectacular plan, revealing Atherton's true purpose.

Edgar's quest to discover Earth's dark secret leads to an out of this world adventure in the final book of the Atherton trilogy.

I love Patrick Carman's books. I've read the first in this series, but I need to get caught up.

So, that's it for my mailbox, but I also happened to go a wee bit crazy at the bookstore. That employee discount is dangerous. Here's what I got. Just names and authors, too many for pictures and whatnot.

Bloody Good by Georgia Evans
Castration Celebration by Jake Wizner
The 30 Clues: Book 4: Beyond the Grave by Jude Watson
Dull Boy by Sarah Cross
The Chosen One by Carol Lynch Williams
Giving up the V by Serena Robar
Take me There by Susane Colasanti
Slept Away by Julie Kraut
Girl Stays in the Picture by Melissa de la Cruz
The Real Real by Emma McLaughlin and Nicola Kraus
Fairest of Them All by Jan Blazanin
Vacations from Hell (various authors)
Diva Without A Cause by Grace Dent
Shrinking Violet by Danielle Joseph

Oh and then I almost forgot, when I went to the book signing in Naperville, I picked up some autographed books that they had on the shelves at Anderson's.

Once Dead, Twice Shy by Kim Harrison (I had the ARC, but I bought the hardcover for her to autograph)
Hunger by Michael Grant (autographed)
Chains by Laurie Halse Anderson (autographed)
Seeing Redd by Frank Beddor (autographed)
Wings by Aprilynne Pike (autographed)

Thank God for birthday money, otherwise I would be broke as a joke. And when will I read all of these.....someday. Okay, that's the end of my lengthy post. I'll hopefully be posting something about the signing tomorrow.

Can't wait to see what was in your mailboxes!!


  1. So many great books. I wouldn't know where to start! Enjoy reading them all!

  2. WOW - WHAT an awesome week this time around! Catching Fire really is just.. wow.

    Haha, birthday money's always good :) Lots of awesome read sin there, and of course, autographed books are the best.

    Happy reading!

  3. I love E. I have Never Slow well. Sounds great, and I really want the Marilyn Kaye series too. Jealous.

    Nice shopping spree too. Wow, want so many of those, like The Chosen One etc. etc. LOL

    Nice week.

  4. God you bought a lot of books. If I got employee discount like you I'd do the same. It must feel really good taking these books home ^^

  5. Castration Celebration and Slept Away are books I can't wait to read. And of course I am very jealous of Catching Fire. Enjoy!

  6. Aack! Another person with Catching Fire. Being eaten up with jealousy :) Wow, you really did go crazy at the book store but it looks like you picked up a great bunch of books!

  7. Oh my gosh! Like it'll really take you long to finish Catching Fire, pshhh... I'm so jealous! And the other books look fantastic as well. Did you happen to feature "Never Slow Dance..." as one of your WoW posts? Cuz I remember reading about it somewhere and thinking it was interesting... so cool that you got a copy! :)

  8. Woah that is some book spree! xD Wings!! It's really good. Hope you enjoy it. Happy reading!

  9. Wow you got heaps of books this week. Enjoy reading them!!

  10. what else can you say to that list other than wow. Happy reading

  11. WOW! Have fun with all those great books! :)

  12. Amazing! I would go crazy with so many good books at once and I am so jealous of Catching Fire! How do you decide what order you're going to read them in? I would never get any work done if I worked with books but what a wonderful job it would be. Enjoy them all and I look forward to your reviews!

  13. I would do anything for CF, Hunger and Never Slow Dance. I hope you enjoy them!

  14. Catching Fire! I want! I want!

    I am presently devouring The Hunger Games and can't wait to read the next installment. I am so jealous and can't wait to read your review.

  15. You got a lot of great books. Happy reading =D

  16. Omg, all those books look awesome! Happy reading!

  17. When I worked in a bookstore for over 8 years, I swear most of my paycheck was going to books with my employee discount! Ha! Sadly, I buy more books NOW that I don't work in a bookstore and I don't get the 30% off. But I make slightly better money than when I made minimum wage at the store. Alas!

    I know exactly how you feel about that employee discount. Haha!

    I'm glad you have read the first in the Patrick Carman series. I might be reviewing the third book but I didn't know anything about it. thanks!

  18. Sorry but everything after the mention of Catching fire was an absolute blur. Cannot wait to hear your thoughts on this book - beside myself with envy. Happy reading, I have my fingers crossed for Gale :)

  19. Yay! So glad to see that you bought Slept Away! Hope you enjoy the read. And Castration Celebration is such a fun and funny book. Great choice. Can't wait to hear your thoughts.

  20. Lots of fabulous books this week! Never Slow Dance With A Zombie looks really good. I hope your birthday week was great!

  21. I still can't get past the fact you actually OWN Catching Fire. You are one lucky lady!

  22. great score with Catching Fire. and an autograph copy of NSDWAZ, yee-hawww! I'm currently reading Dull Boy and loving it. enjoy your latest stash!

  23. The cover for Never Slow Dance With A Zombie is amazing! I also got Catching Fire this week!

  24. Whew! Where do you even begin? Enjoy!

  25. I need a job wherever it is that you work! :) Looks like a great week! Happy Reading!

  26. how'd u get a copy of Catching Fire? did u go to BEA?

  27. wow, not that really is an amazing pile of books. Hard to know which to be most jealous of.

  28. Wants to steal Catching Fire from you! :] Have fun reading it! *jealousy* *jealousy*

  29. That is one awesome book buying list there! And Never Slow Dance With a Zombie sounds really good. I need to add that to my list, thanks!


  30. Steph Su,

    Yes, Never Slow Dance was a WOW pick for me, so I was thrilled to get it!!


    I have no idea what order to read them in or even when I will get to all of them. I try to read my review books first, but then it's open season on the TBR pile.

  31. The zombie one looks good. Nice list. Here are mine. (1) and (2)