Thursday, November 12, 2009

Monster Squad: The Slime That Would Not Die by Laura Dower

Release Date: Available Now from Grosset & Dunlap

Source: Personal Collection


My name is Jesse Ranger, and I am totally obsessed with monster movies. I love watching them, but I'd never imagined that I'd practically be in one. First, this creepy slime, straight out of my favorite monster flick, Slimo, started following me around. Then, Oswald Leery, the greatest monster movie director of all time, told me and three other kids from my school that all of the monsters from his movie were coming to life. And get this--he needs our help to stop them! The first monster we have to face is--you guessed it--Slimo! We want to help, but how are four kids supposed to out-slime a monster like that?

This is definitely a book for our younger readers, but it's a fantastic little read. I have to admit that I only picked it up, because the title Monster Squad reminded me of that '80s movie masterpiece. If you haven't seen it, you right now. If you have seen it, then this is not that Monster Squad, but it's equally as cute and entertaining.

Jesse and the rest of the squad have to go to work fast to capture the evil Slimo before it takes over the world, or at least their town. The book is full of quick and funny dialogue and gives you the feel of all those great old B-monster movies that I love so much. It's also full of adorable illustrations from Dave Schlafman.

Laura Dower is the author of the popular Madison Finn series and it's great to see her moving in a new direction. I'm always looking for new creepy, but not too creepy, reads for my elementary school and this is a series that I will definitely be adding to the collection.

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