Saturday, May 16, 2009

Okay, nothing book related today....well, it's vaguely book related. My sister and I are going to see Angels & Demons tonight. We have this new theater in downtown Kansas City that is in an old theater. It used to be the Empire, but has been closed since the '70s. Then they built this whole club/restaurant/Sprint Center area in downtown KC which is called the Power & Light District. May 1st, this old theater was opened anew and I hear it's awesome. We are going to the Cinema Suites where they have reclining chairs and seat side service. Very nice.

So, even if the movie's no good, at least we get to spend the evening in the lap of movie going luxury. And Ewan MacGregor's in the movie, so that's worth the price of admission. I'll let you know how it is at the end of my In My Mailbox post tomorrow.

Hope you all have a great Saturday night!!


  1. sounds fun! I'm going to see the same film with my friend-great minds think alike :-D