Thursday, May 14, 2009

New Blog Award!!

Thank you, thank you GreenBeanTeenQueen, for giving me this awesome award. I love your blog and you completely rock!!

Kreativ Blogger Award! The rules for this one include:
*Post 7 things you love
*Give award to 7 other bloggers who are creative.
Seven things I love:

1. Books--I guess that sort of goes without saying, but I really love books. In fact, there is a huge tower sitting next to my desk at this very moment of books I need and want to read.
2. Road Trips--I love hitting the open road with my friends and family. Lately my destination is Disney theme parks, but I really love to go anywhere and have traveled to a lot of different places with friends over the years.
3. Supernatural--Although this season hasn't been my favorite, I still love those Winchester boys.
4. How I Met Your Mother--This is probably my favorite show right now. It never disappoints me in the laughs department. Jason Segel and Neil Patrick Harris are gods and I would watch them read a phone book.
5. My IPod--I really love my IPod. It makes me very happy. Yesterday, I thought it was broken and I almost cried. Its name is BabyOtis. Yay IPod!!
6. My Family--They are pretty darned awesome. I love them all. They make me laugh and laughter is one of my favorite things.
7. Blogs and Bloggers--I still feel like a newbie to this world, but I was welcomed with open arms. I love reading about books from someone elses' perspective and sharing my view on books and life with the world at large. The YA Blogosphere rocks hardcore!!

Who I nominate:

1. Sara's Classroom Reads--This is my sister's blog. She doesn't update it very often, but she promises to be better this summer once school is out. It's all about creative ways to use picture books in the classroom (she teaches 3rd grade).
2. The Epic Rat--This girls always got something awesome happening on her blog. I love it and she reads like a million books a day. It's magical.
3. Wondrous Reads--I love ordering books from Amazon UK and prophecy girl always gives me new ideas for what to order. I love getting the UK view on hot new titles.
4. Steph Su Reads--Awesome reviews and she's super sweet. Love her blog!
5. Rebecca's Book Blog--She loves historical fiction which I love as well. Great blog!!
6. Katie's Book Blog--More great reviews. And I really love the design of her blog. That background is awesome.
7. Brooke Reviews--Lots of great paranormal titles, which I love, love, love in case you couldn't tell.

So there you have it. It's hard to choose, because I read about a million blogs, but here are just a few great ones. And thanks again to GreenBeanTeenQueen for the award.


  1. I am watching an episode of How I Met Your Mother right now. It is my new favorite show too. Some of my mom's friends told her to watch it so she bought the first 3 seasons and we watched them all in less than a week. It is such a funny show. Thanks so much for the award!

  2. Congratulations to the award winner :)

  3. Congratulations on your award!

  4. Congrats Carrie! And thanks! I'm glad I can help you find cool UK titles :)

    I too love HIMYM and Supernatural... woot!

  5. This award is so cute, congrats!!