Sunday, July 26, 2009

Dead Is So Last Year by Marlene Perez

Release Date: Available Now from Graphia


Something very strange starts happening in Nightshade the summer that the eldest Giordano sister, Rose, gets a job working at Dr. Franken's research laboratory. People are starting to see double. Doppelgängers of Nightshade residents are popping up all over town. Daisy, Rose and Poppy think it's a coincidence, until the rumors start that their father, who disappeared several years ago, has been spotted in town. Meanwhile, Daisy's beau, Ryan is spending all of his time training for football, and like the other guys on the team, he's grown enormous almost overnight. Samantha Devereux's boyfriend's neck has doubled in size since school ended. Could the football players be resorting to extreme measures to win? Between summer jobs, sugar rushes, and beach parties, the Giordano girls get to the bottom of these mysteries and more.

This is the third book in "Dead" series by Marlene Perez. I reviewed the first book, Dead is the New Black ,here and the second, Dead is a State of Mind, here. I really enjoy this series and this third book certainly did not disappoint.

The Giordano sisters are fantastic and it is a joy to enter their wacky world yet again. This time, each of the girls is working a summer job and dealing with their own dramas, while trying to solve the mystery of their fathers return. What's the mystery? Is the weird stranger actually dear old dad.

And while they're at it, might as well add in the mystery of the rapidly growing football team. Suddenly the guys are sprouting new muscles and nasty attitudes and it's up to, you guessed it, the ladies Giordano to crack the case.

These books are so much fun. They're always quick reads and are full of colorful characters and snappy dialogue. According to Marlene's website, there are two more Dead novels headed our way. Dead is Just a Rumor coming in Fall 2010 and Dead is Not an Option coming in Spring of 2011. It's so nice to actually be caught up on a series and know that there is more on the way. These days I always seems to be at least one book behind.

I highly recommend this series. They're just good ol'fashioned supernatural fun.

By the way, I just noticed that this is my 201st post. I can't believe it. They've gone by so quickly. Thanks to everyone for reading and here's to 201 more.


  1. This series sounds really good. Great review!

  2. I've got to say I love the cover of this book.

    Great review as always!

  3. the dead series is really good. I love them! I can't wait for the fourth and fifth ones to come out I just wish they would come out earlier.