Friday, December 18, 2009

Fade To Blue by Sean Beaudoin

Release Date: Available Now from Little, Brown Book for Young Readers

Source: From Publisher


Sophie Blue started wearing a black skirt and Midnight Noir lipstick on her last birthday. It was also the day her father disappeared. Or spontaneously combusted. Which is sort of bad timing, since a Popsicle truck with tinted windows has started circling the house.

Kenny Fade is a basketball god. His sneakers cost more than his Jeep. He's the guy all the ladies (and their mommas) want. Bad.

Sophie Blue and Kenny Fade don't have a thing in common. Aside from being reasonably sure they're losing their minds.

Acclaimed author Sean Beaudoin's wildly innovative novel combines uproarious humor with enough plot twists to fill a tube sock. Part thriller, part darkly comic philosophical discussion, and accompanied by a comic book interstitial, Fade to Blue is a whip-smart romp that keeps readers guessing until the last paragraph.

This was one of the most bizarre books I've ever read, but I truly enjoyed every minute of it. At times, I had no idea what was happening, but that need to know kept me turning the pages late into the night.

Sophie is a wonderful character who is just trying to decide if she's going crazy or not. All of us at one time or another have wondered if we might be going slightly mad, but Sophie really has cause to worry. While worrying about all of this, Sophie still has her mother, her brother, her best friend, and her disappearing father to deal with.

Fade to Blue is a very imaginative read. Because of the way it reads, the reader feels just as lost and confused as Sophie does. I also adored the comic book element of the book. Right in the middle Beaudoin breaks out a mini-comic that makes the story even more surreal.

Is this book for everyone? No, but I for one loved it and will look forward to Beaudoin's next mind-trippy read. He's definitely an author to watch.


  1. All I have been hearing is how random this novel is! I really want to read it to see how strange it truly is!

  2. Bizarre but creative? I must give it a try.

  3. Congrats! :D
    You just won an award here at my blog.