Monday, September 6, 2010

Monster High by Lisi Harrison

Release Date: Available Now from Poppy

Source: From Publisher


And you thought your high school was scary!

Frankie Stein just enrolled at Merston High School in the quiet town of Salem, Oregon. She is looking forward to all that the future holds: rockin' parties, shopping sprees, and, of course, cute boys!

But high school hides a MONSTER of a secret: The fantastically fabulous kids of the world's most famous monsters hand out in plain sight among the "normie" student body!
Even though she was created only fifteen days ago, Frankie is wise enough to know that if her secret gets out, her high school dreams could be as fragile as her not-entirely-secure body parts!

When she meets normie newcomer Melody Carver, who has a crush on a boy from the monster clique, Frankie begins to wonder if Merston HIgh is big enough for monsters and normies to coexist--but is it worth the risk to find out?

What a fabulous book! I never read Lisi Harrison's Clique series. It just never appealed to me, but after reading this one, I think maybe I should have given them a chance. Her writing is quick and witty and her characters are out of this world.

I love the concept behind this book. All the world's famous monsters, from Frankenstein to the Creature from the Black Lagoon, really do exist and live pretty boringly normal lives in Oregon. They just want to fit and, most importantly, they just want their kids to fit in.

Frankie is one of those kids and she's pretty darned awesome. She loves all the things that most girls love, fashion, boys, and hanging out with the girls. Unfortunately, she has more than just the odd pimple to cover with makeup. I loved Frankie and Melody. They were both wonderfully written and really just fun characters to read about.

I laughed a lot while reading this book, but it also makes some pretty important statements about the quest to fit in with the other kids. And what lengths we go to to be considered "normal". I can't recommend Monster High highly enough. It's one of the funnest reads I've read in quite a long while.


  1. I've thought about reading this one, but I just wasn't sure it was my cup of tea. Perhaps I should give it a go after all :)

    Great review!

  2. I've seen this book around but haven't heard much about it. It looks like a really fun concept and one I'm going to check out. Thanks for the review!

  3. Sounds like a really fun read. I am glad you enjoyed it and shared your thoughts about the book. I will definitely look for this one as I love funny.

  4. I'm so glad to hear you thought so highly of this one. I just got it yesterday and can't wait to read it, especially now! I was flipping through and did have a hard time putting it down. Who can resist monsters + humor? :) Thanks for the great review!

  5. I love the book cover. So unique.

  6. Thanks for the review Carrie. This isn't a book that I would have picked up... I don't know why it just didn't really catch my attention, but now I will have to read it!