Thursday, September 9, 2010

The Danger Box by Blue Balliett

Release Date: Available Now from Scholastic Press

Source: Personal Copy


A boy in a small town who has a different way of seeing.

A mischievous girl who won't stay in one place.

A mysterious notebook .

A fire.

A stranger.

A death.

These are some of the things you'll find within The Danger Box, the new mystery from bestselling author Blue Balliett.

It's hard to talk about this book without giving too much away. I've never read Blue Balliett's other books, Chasing Vermeer, The Wright 3, or The Calder Game. It's one of those series that I've always meant to get around to but never have. I saw The Danger Box at my local B&N and was immediately drawn in by the cover. Yes folks, I in fact do judge books by their covers, and am I ever glad that I did.

The Danger Box is a phenomenal read. It's hard to explain, but a true joy to read. The cast of characters found a place in my heart from page one, especially the central character Zoomy who lives with his grandparents in the small town of Three Oaks, Michigan. Zoomy is one of those kids who is wise beyond his years, and rightfully so. I've met some curious and lovable kids just like him working at the school and they're always my favorites.

Above all, this is a wonderful mystery with a puzzle at its heart. It's full of history, friendship, intrigue and heart. Check out The Danger Box. I think it'll steal your heart like it did mine.

Oh, by the way, I've already bought Chasing Vermeer. It'll be my next read.


  1. I read Wright 3 and found it to be a good middle school book. It was nominated a few years back for the Twain award give by the MASL (missouri). Your passionate review makes me think I need to check this out as well. I am always scoping out strong novels for my students and this sounds like one I need to read. Thanks

  2. I've heard of Blue Balliett... I'm adding this one to my to-read list :) Sounds good!