Thursday, July 8, 2010

To Nook Or To Kindle? That Is The Question!

Okay folks, I have a decision to make. In the past, I've been vehemently against the e-reader phenomenon. I just love the smell, and feel of good ol'fashioned books. However, we bought my mom a Kindle for Christmas and I've become extremely jealous of it over the past few months. I think it would be a good move for me since books are taking over my life and more importantly my room. I'll still buy books, of course, but those titles I only want to read once and don't feel the need to collect...I'll download. So, which should I get?

Barnes & Noble Nook

Amazon Kindle

Many of you already have one or the other. I'm interested in the availability of MG and YA fiction and also just how you feel about which is better. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Feel free to chime in!!


  1. I just ordered the Kindle. I buy all my books from Amazon anyway, so that's pretty much why I went with them. Nook is a lot easier on the eye, though.

  2. I'm pretty opposed to the ereaders, although they do hold a certain amount of curiosity in my eyes. If you have a BN membership, I'd go with the Nook, but otherwise, the Kindle may be a better bet.

  3. Nook. I just got the Wi-Fi only version three weeks ago. Definitely digging it. Plus, then you can loan me all the teen fiction titles I want to read. (No ulterior motives present.)

  4. I have a kindle,and absolutely love it. I played around with the Nook at B & N and it was slightly hard to navigate, IMO. The kindle is simple and great!

  5. I've been dealing with the same dilemma myself. I think I've decided on the Nook. Mainly because of Epub files. Nook can read them, Kindle cannot. Other than that, they seem on par with each other.

  6. Borders in Australia have released a KOBO, another form of reader.

    I've always been a bit skeptical about them. I mean, just carry a damn book :P

    But then again, you could carry a thousand books...

    But I have a slight problem with the iPad television advertisement with the adult and child gathering around to read a book on an iPad... get a proper damn book! So not the same.

    Anyway, at the end of this rambling, I vote a Kindle :P

  7. I have been thinking of buying a nook, myself. I like the formats it can read and I like being able to buy books from places other than Amazon. I still have more research to do before I make the plunge.

  8. I agree with Zia. I've been debating which one to get as well but when I realized the Kindle couldn't read certain formats and the Nook can ... well .. that just made my decision easier! Especially b/c being book reviewers, certain publishers only have certain books in the ePub format.

    I ♥ Nook :)

    Can't wait to see which one you get and how you like it!

    Book ♥ Soulmates

  9. Nook looks the best, but I haven't had a play with either, so I can't really recommend. I prefer real books, but they do take up a lot of room when you read quite a lot! :D

  10. I got the Nook for my birthday in May. Like you, I never thought I'd want an e-reader, but it didn't take long for me to really love it. I was annoyed, however, when my 12 year old daughter wanted The Adoration of Jenna Fox to take on vacation and I couldn't get it on the Nook. Grrrr.

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