Saturday, July 10, 2010

In My Mailbox (59)

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Extremely slow week for me this time around, but that it okay, because I've been devouring the Pretty Little Liars books all week. I'm taking a break with Nightshade right now, which is AMAZING so far.

For Review:

Wicked Girls

Release Date: Available Now from Balzer & Bray


What started out as girls' games became a witch hunt. Wicked Girls is a fictionalized account of the Salem witch trials told from the perspectives of three of the real young women living in Salem in 1692.

Ann Putnam Jr. plays the queen bee. When her father suggests that a spate of illnesses within the village is the result of witchcraft, Ann grasps her opportunity. She puts in motion a chain of events that will change the lives of the people around her forever.

Mercy Lewis, the beautiful servant in Ann's house, inspires adulation in some and envy in others. With a troubled past, she seizes her only chance at safety.

Margaret Walcott, Ann's cousin, is desperately in love and consumed with fiery jealousy. She is torn between staying loyal to her friends and pursuing the life she dreams of with her betrothed.

With new accusations mounting daily against the men and women of the community, the girls will have to decide: Is it too late to tell the truth?

A Printz Honor winner for Your Own, sylvia, Stephanie Hemphill uses evocative verse to weave a nuanced portrait of one of the most chilling and fascinating times in our nation's history.

I've already read and reviewed this one and it was fabulous!!


Wanted by Sara Shepard


  1. I'm glad you liked it, I have it on hold at the library.

  2. I'm holding off on Nightshade until closer to release date. I don't want to get addicted (like I know I will) and then be stuck with no 2nd book for a while.

    Hope you enjoy Wicked Girls!

  3. Ahh I remember reading your review on this one XD

  4. Wicked Girls looks great! Thanks for putting it on my radar! And I so need to read Pretty Little Liars, too! They are on the pile!

    Hope you have a chance to check out my IMM!
    The Unread Reader

  5. I can not wait to read Nightshade. I have heard some awesome things so far!

    Wicked Girls sounds awesome!!

    Happy Reading!

  6. This one sounds really good. I'm glad you enjoyed it so much!

  7. Wow, Wicked Girls sounds brilliant :)

  8. Great week! Wicked Girls looks really good. You have great reading in your future :D Here is what I got.

  9. Wicked Girls looks fantastic and I've added it to my wishlist, thanks! Hope you enjoy it!

    Here's my mailbox :)