Thursday, July 29, 2010

Taking A Short Break

You may have noticed that I haven't posted much in the last two weeks. I'm taking a little bit of a break. This is my last full week off before I head back to school, so I'm trying to take a little me time, while also brainstorming ideas for my library next year.

Also, I've been reading more adult stuff since I bought a Kindle. I've found that since I started blogging, I only have time for YA books and so many of the authors that I used to love have gotten pushed to the back. It's catch up time. I love blogging, but when it starts to become a chore, I know it's time for a little break. I shall return though, probably pretty shortly. I can't seem to stay away for long. I have a couple blog tours coming up, too, so that always gets me back in the mood.

Until then, enjoy some summer fun!!


  1. Enjoy all the books you read and see you soon :)

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