Thursday, May 6, 2010

This Is Me From Now On by Barbara Dee With A Special Guest Post From My Fave Character Francesca

Release Date: Available Now from Aladdin

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"Sometimes your life just needs a little jolt.

That's what Francesca told me once, and she was right. I mean, she was wrong about practically everything, but she was right about that."

At first Evie doesn't know what to think about her amazing new neighbor. Francesca's wild and funny, with a crazy sense of style, but the only rules she follows are the ones she invents herself. Evie's two best friends don't trust Francesca, but Evie is desperate for a change. And when you're with Francesca, anything--totally anything--can happen.

This could mean matchmaking the two coolest teachers in school, or getting Evie together with her crush, or digging up secrets about Francesca's weird family. Hanging out with Francesca is so different and exciting that Evie can barely think about her best friends or her big history project. But as things get out of control, Evie can't help wondering--what if she and Francesca have gone too far?

This book is brilliant!! I am a brand new Barbara Dee devotee. I will be searching out her other two titles this weekend and squeezing them into my busy reading schedule. Evie and Francesca are so much fun to hang out with. And their friendship rings so true. I think we've all had those friends in life that at first meeting, you think "this person is nuts...we'll never hit it off" and then by the third time you hang out, your best friends. Francesca is one of those characters that gets inside your head and makes herself comfortable. She's fantabulous and makes Evie's life much more interesting.

This book reminded me of some of Judy Blume's works, specifically, Just As Long As We're Together, which was one of my favorite books growing up. It had that same friendship, family, self-realization thing going on that makes Blume's books so current and important even years after they were written. It felt like I was reading one of those books from my childhood that I still carry with me today. That's a feeling that I love.

I think Barbara Dee will be one of those writers that girls will carry with them through their lives. I plan to introduce my students to her when they come back in the Fall. I think she'll find some true fans in my students. I know she's found one in me. This may all seem a little too gushy, but I really did love this book. I think it's one of my faves of the year so far. Sometimes you need a little sweetness and just good ol-fashioned storytelling. Check this one out!!

And now a word from Francesca herself:

Dearest greatest blog readers,

HELLO! I’m extremely well. And so deeply ecstatic to be writing to you instead of wasting my life on this STAGGERINGLY BORING history assignment, because of course you’re as passionate about books as I am, which means we’re practically soulmates!!! I’m not talking about Wuthering Heights-type soulmates, although of course I can talk about those ALL DAY—just that we both lovelovelove to read georgeous (oops—is the spelling right?) books about people who think about cosmos questions. (Unlike most of the people in this bloody awful suburb!!!) And who else am I going to hang out with besides my new bff Evie, who is ABSOLUTELY BRILLIANT despite her mad passionate crush on that dolt Zane?

Exactly. You understand me. So I’m going to hang out with YOU.

After I do some epic matchmaking between you-know-who and you-know-who.

And squirt my aunt’s rabbits.

And sneak-eat some ice cream.


Ps You know that thing I did? The other thing. Don’t tell Evie. Thanx!

Thanks so much Francesca and thanks to Barbara Dee for getting this special message to me and my readers!!

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  1. You are right this does sound like a really fun read and one that I will enjoy the humor and the themes. Francesca sounds like a really great character.