Thursday, February 18, 2010

Molly Fyde and the Land of Light by Hugh Howey

Release Date: Available Now from Broad Reach Publishing

Source: From Author


Molly Fyde has forever dreamed of reconnecting with her mysterious past. Now she's about to meet it in a way she never expected ... head-on.

Her father is alive. Her mother's memories are trapped in the very ship that bears her name. On the run from their own Navy, Molly and her crew have been tasked with the impossible:
Rescue her parents. Save the galaxy. End a war.

But first, Molly must help a crew member in need, which means running to the very race she was trained to meet in battle.

Planet Drenard. Homeworld of humanity's sworn enemy. The next stop for the starship Parsona.

Yet another fantastic read from Hugh Howey. This was a book that I was really waiting for, and looking forward to diving into, and I wasn't disappointed in the least. It picks up right where the first book, Molly Fyde and the Parsona Rescue left off. And I mean right where it left off. It was great, because rather than feeling like a whole new book, it just felt like I had turned the page and started a new chapter.

All of my favorite characters were back and I was so glad to see them. I care about these characters and what happens to them, so delving back into Molly's world was like visiting with old friends. I also love that Howey has added footnotes to explain some things in the story, but also to make his storybook world seem that much more real.

I can't recommend these books highly enough. Howey is a true talent and I only expect great things from him in the future. This is the series that makes me want to read more good ol'fashioned Sci Fi. I've always been a dystopia fan, but this is more in the vein of a space opera. It's part Star Wars, part Wizard of Oz, and then something else that is completely it's own genre.

Full of adventure and heart....Molly Fyde is a winner no matter how you look at it. Can't wait for book number 3!!


  1. That is an amazing cover! Can't wait to see the contents.

  2. Great review! I think it was almost better than the first (which I didn't even think was possible)! :D

  3. I've read this one recently too. GREAT book and great series:)