Saturday, February 14, 2009

Tantalize by Cynthia Leitich Smith

I'd read some mixed reviews on this one before I decided to pick it up, so I wasn't sure what to expect. I enjoyed it though. I didn't have any trouble getting into it and it kept my attention. It was sort of a strange read though.

Quincie Morris lives in Austin, TX, but it's an alternate Austin. One in which shape shifters, weres of all shapes and sizes, and vampires exist and live along with human, although on the fringes and in the shadows. I always like this idea in books, I think that's why I like Kim Harrison so much. All of these magical creatures coexist and live day to day lives right along with all of us humans. It's an interesting world to me.

Quincie is preparing to open a vampire themed restaurant with her Uncle, all the while trying to juggle her last year of high school and her best friend/ love interest Kieren who just so happens to be half-Werewolf. When tragedy strikes. Quincie is forced to hire a new chef for the restaurant, one who she is strangely drawn to. From there, everything starts to change for Quincie and Kieren.

I like the rhythm of Smith's writing. It was funny, spooky and a little scary in parts. Everything I look for in a good supernatural book. It did seem that the ending was a little rushed, like she tried to throw it all in at the end. I would have also like to have read more about Kieren's world and the world of the other Weres.

Overall, though, I liked Quincie and cared about what happened to her. I really did enjoy this one and I bought Eternal today, so I must want more. I would recommend this one. Good, fast read.