Saturday, April 10, 2010

In My Mailbox (52)

As always, In My Mailbox is brought to you by Kristi, AKA The Story Siren.

Another big book week for me, so I decided to just do one photo and then list the titles. Hope that's okay with all of you, but once again I am feeling a wee bit on the lazy side. So here goes:

For Review:

Of All the Stupid Things by Alexandra Diaz (2nd Copy)
Brightly Woven by Alexandra Bracken (2nd Copy)
Epitaph Road by David Patneaude
Ivy's Ever After by Dawn Lairamore
Summer of the Geek by Piper Banks (2 Copies)
I So Don't Do Mysteries by Barrie Summy
I So Don't Do Spooky by Barrie Summy
I So Don't Do Makeup by Barrie Summy
Kiss of Death by Rachel Caine (Morganville)
Divine by Mistake by PC Cast
Divine by Blood by PC Cast
Divine by Choice by PC Cast
Elphame's Choice by PC Cast
Brighid's Quest by PC Cast


The Reckoning by Kelley Armstrong
13 Treasures by Michelle Harrison
Will Grayson, Will Grayson by John Green and David Levithan

That's it for me. Can't wait to see what everyone else picked up this week!!


  1. 13 Treasures and Brightly Woven are both in my wish-list and I am anxious to have any of them someday! Enjoy!

  2. Will Grayson is awesome, enjoy!

  3. The Reckoning is the best in the series :) Hope you enjoy all your books. Brightly Woven is...addicting.

  4. Summer of the Geek sounds so fun.. that one's going on my wishlist! Can't wait to see what you think of Will Grayson & The Thirteen Treasures. :)

    Happy reading!

  5. I'm pining for a few of these books! I ordered The Reckoning a couple of days ago, so hopefully I'll get my hands on it soon.

    Enjoy your new books and have a great week reading :)

  6. Wow, so many books! The Reckoning sounds so good as do a bunch of other books in your pile. Enjoy! :)

  7. What a great selection of books. I am reading Brightly Woven right now and am enjoying it. I hope you enjoy all your new books. Happy reading!

  8. Wow awesome books. Happy reading! My mailbox is at The Crowded Leaf.

  9. What a great week! I'm curious to see what you think of the PC Cast books. I've picked up and put down the Divine books several times. I have Elphame's Choice in my TBR pile but it's not really high on my list right now. Happy reading.

  10. A great haul! :D Happy reading ^^

  11. Wow! O.O You had quite a week! Some wonderful authors in that mix..enjoy!