Saturday, October 17, 2009

Excuses, exscuses!!

So, I know I haven't been around much this week, but it's been sort of crazy. I had a new teacher meeting after work one day, and then my sweet little kitty Tinkerbell seems to have developed asthma, so that involved a very late night trip to the animal hospital and another trip to our regular vet the next day. She seems to be doing alright, but still has some occasional coughing here and there. If anyone out there has a cat with asthma, is this normal after treatment? Just wondering. It's hard not to worry about her.

Then tomorrow morning, early I am leaving for Norman, Oklahoma to see U2 in concert, which is cool, but after a crazy week, sort of a tiring thought. It'll be awesome though.

Anyway, I'll be back Monday and will post my IMM then, because I did get some cool things this week that I want to share. See you all soon.


  1. I hope your kitty is okay.
    And I hope you enjoy the U2 concert!

  2. Hope you had a good time at U2. I worked for them on their Zoo tv tour back in '92. Yeah, I'm old.